Is this a Publicity stunt gone wrong?
Only time will tell

Nothing brightens up a Wednesday afternoon like a good scandal. Rumor has it that 'High School Musical' cutie Vanessa Hudgens leaked her own nude photos onto the internet.

There's no such thing as bad publicity right? She's certainly been making headlines since the nude photos surfaced. In a statement released Vanessa said she wanted to "apologize to my fans," and admitted her embarrassment and "regret" over the photos.

A source close to Hudgens says, "There are rumors she's fine with those photos ending up on the Internet because she wants to move away from her 'goody-goody' image." Sounds like a pretty desperate way of going about it to me, what really concerned me is that she's only 18.

If she thinks she has to to strip naked just to get more fame - then what's she gonna do when she's all of 25 have a shag in public !! and why does she need more fame anyway - are'nt the silly High street musical movies the highest selling Disney movies to date....hmm

Anyway who am I to Judge -some nasties say they don't like her tits - I'd take her any day. Vanessa here's my phone number...., call me now please.



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Name : Vanessa Hudgens
Birth Date : December 14, 1988
Birth Name : Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Salinas, California, United States
Profession : Singer, Actress





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