Kay Oresanya
Human Saxophone

Kay Oresanya a 31 year old MBA student from Glagow decided to answer Simon Cowell call for a unique and natural talent with what he called a performance that would blow the audience away and make him a household name all over the world. phew.

So he came played his Sax and somehow believe it or not, won the audience over,and whatever you may think of this performance it was highly amusing.

To quote Simon he sounded more like a baby wailing over a Micheal Jackson song then a saxophone. no matter what Simon or anyone else felt about this human saxophone, he deserved 10/10 for sheer confidence and self belief. Kay Speaks to ITV

Sue Son

Fame or Friend what would you do

Sue Son admits that she lost her best friend when she decided to audition as a solo artist on Britain's Got Talent. The electric violinist performed in Birmingham alongside keyboard player Janine Khalil as one half of duo Addicted, but the judges felt that both parts of the group did not mesh.

Simon Cowell summoned Son back to the stage and asked if she would consider returning to the show to audition as a solo artist, an offer she accepted amid . loud cheers of encouragementfrom the audience..

Son told her friend that she could not return to the next day of the Birmingham auditions, but she returned to the show in London days later, where she received three "Yes" votes from the judges

The star has now confirmed reports of a split with Khalil over her decision,

the Daily Mail reports.Son said: "She's taken me off her Facebook friends. I think Janine was upset I didn't tell her before that I was going back for a second chance.

"Instead of seeing her first, and telling her, I had to do it on the phone. I realised from my other friends she was really hurt."

She added: "I got some great compliments from the judges. But at the end of the day I lost my best friend."












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