While Diversity was hailed as a unique and highly creative dance group. Flawless the hiphop dance act that performed the week before put on a display that was inspirational and electrifying with moves that had all three judges and the audience standing at the end of the show.

Made up of a group of friends from north London we caught up with the group’s founder and spokesman, Marlon, to discuss what it is about his dance troupe that made the judges and audience scream out for more.

“Well simply put we enjoy what we do and are passionate about it, and I think that shone through during our audition. We had no idea it would go down as well as it did, but the reaction we got from the crowd was amazing, we were all blown away when we came off stage.”

Marlon founded the group back in 2005 mainly from old school and college pals, and sites the close knit relationship the members share as a driving force behind the troupe’s success.

“Most of us are from the same area of north London and we often socialise together even when we’re not dancing. We like to go to the cinema or grab a bite to eat, just chill together really, but there’s a really good vibe within the group we’re like one big family unit.”

It is the troupe’s ethos that every time they go onstage they be the best that they can be, but Marlon is quick to point out that Flawless are not arrogant about their talents, despite the troupe’s name.

“I chose the name because it’s something for us to live up to, we strive for perfection. It wasn’t a case of saying we ARE flawless, it’s just our ambition to be flawless, and it’s something we aim for.”







Well if their first audition was anything to go by the Flawless boys are doing a pretty good job of living up to their name. However if they make it through to the live shows, can they pull out another perfect performance.

And will they be going head to head with Diversity in the Finals ? only time will tell.
One thing we know for sure is that as Marlon would say they are chasing the dream not the competition !









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