This woman with the fantastic voice delivered another stunning performance which brought out a rare apology from simon Cowell for ever doubting her when she appeared on stage for her first performance.

Piers Morgan rightly noted that the Susan is now being watched all over the world.

From Japan to Denmark to the US, the clip of her first spine tingling performance of I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Misérables has electrified viewers.the clip had been seen by more than 26 million people on YouTube, making it the most watched video on the site globally.

Boyle has been the most talked-about subject on Twitter all week, with users in a multitude of languages raving about her. Even Hollywood actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore - who between them have more than 1.6 million followers on Twitter - have got in on the act, with Kutcher posting a link to the clip and writing: "This just made my night." Moore replied: "You saw it made me teary!"

Boyle is not on Facebook and has never heard of Twitter. In just a week her life has been turned upside down. She has found herself at the centre of an international media frenzy, with television crews and journalists from around the globe descending on her small home town of Blackburn in West Lothian.

A team from US television broadcaster CBS has been interviewing drinkers in her local pub while a CNN crew travelled to the town to talk to Boyle for the prestigious Larry King Live show, which airs today. Boyle has even been invited on that ultimate harbinger of fame, The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Never Been Kissed

Just a week ago, Boyle was an unemployed charity worker living alone with her cat Pebbles and, as she informed TV viewers, had "never been kissed". Now Simon Cowell says she will have a US No 1 album.

In the last few days Boyle has given more than 60 interviews, but seems to be still free of media savvy and professional coaching; her short and curt answers a mark of her no-nonsense approach to life. "It has been a really hectic week, all go," she said last night. "I didn't expect this kind of reaction. It was weird to begin with, but I like the attention and I could get used to it. I am taking it all in my stride."

The youngest of nine children, Boyle suffered oxygen deprivation during birth, resulting in learning disabilities. "I come from a musical family," she says. "It has always been there, from my father down. Singing is always something I have done. It has been in my blood since I was 12 and took part in school productions and shows."

She attended Edinburgh Acting School and has appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe. She recorded a charity CD of Cry Me a River in 1999, of which 1,000 copies were pressed. She also had a previous brush with television, appearing on Michael Barrymore's ITV show My Kind of People, but unlike others - such as Charlotte Church, who were plucked to stardom after appearances on other shows - nobody came knocking for Boyle.






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