Diversity did it once more, somehow they managed to produce another super performance to top their previous semi final performce getting a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

They edged past Susan Boyle in a nail biting finish to the show, as the vote count was announced and Susan was declared runner up. Susan who had previously been the odds favourite win to after enjoying phenomenal success in the previous rounds seemed to have suffered a backlash from the public after days of negative press.


Imaginative, Entertaining Inventive and Sheer Brilliance are some of the words that have been used to describe the well choreographed dance moves of street dance act. Diversity

Diversity set up by founding member Ashley consists of three sets of brothers and four friends, and they all gel when it comes to their dancing. Piers Morgan called them “incredible” Amanda Holden said that they were “brilliant.”

The Essex based group has a range of different people; some are still in school while others work in IT solutions, telecommunications, as well as bathroom installations. Simon Cowell had to admit that he never seen a group so current and also added, “I’ve never seen a dance group so imaginative, so creative and so entertaining.” I have to agree with you Simon.


Where does this leave their main rivals Flawless who also delivered another stunning performance to book themselves into the final Simon Cowell described them as absolutely brillant true talent.

Flawless who were the first act to go through on the most votes from the audience looked amazed and could only say that they were happy to be in the finals

As these two acts seem destined to go head to head in the finals on Saturday only time will tell who will come out on top whatever happens I think we are guaranteed some incredible perfromances.




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